Friday, 18 June 2010

Totally Awesome!!

Mil phoned on Tuesday to tell me about an awesome field of poppies between Stourport and Kidderminster and thought that I might just like to do a diversion on my way to shopping to see and photograph them..YESSSS! my all time wish to be able to photograph the prefect field of poppies! I couldn't go on Wednesday..due to em having an exam in the middle of the day....but the poppies made the news on the TV on Wednesday night, so that settled it we just had to go...I picked Em and her friend up from school after their re exam, so on the way to Kidder to do the shopping we stopped off in the poppy field on the way...these are some of the pics!...We need a picture of Em for her I tunes single and one of these might just be the one, according to her
.....what do you think?....

The field is managed by the Wildlife Trust check out their web
OK so I'm having serious problems here...can't seem to post the pics I want to..and blogger keeps publishing when I'm trying to upload pictures?..will try again later!

have a good evening!


Zoechaos said...

What a wonderful sight they must be love the picture with Em and the rolling hills in the background. So glad you got Mr B. working for you in the end. xx Zoe

Lesley said...

Wow how amaziing is that!!! Lucky you to be close enough to visit and take pics.

The pic of Emma looks just lovely - perfect for her itunes cover.

Lesley x