Saturday, 19 June 2010

Bitter Sweet Fathers Day

Father's day this year is a bitter sweet occasion...Fil passed away very soon after fathers day was officially over last year so for us, Fathers day has totally different connotations. We just heard that his grave was turfed over and as DH and the kids don't want to visit the grave I decided to get some flowers....I chose some silk flowers because we won't be placing flowers regularly, but I want to show we care. The grave yard is amazing...there are flowers on most of the mainly, but it is impressive. I wanted flowers that didn't look totally fake and I had the kids fooled when they saw them so I guess I nailed it!

What was amazing was that the laminated cards we left with the funeral flowers were still intact..the copics had faded, but the messages written in glitter gel pens were still as good as the day we wrote them! I hasten to add..I have laid flowers since the funeral...that just sounded like I hadn't been back.

For my own dad...I hope he has a good day tomorrow....he's not into Fathers day..think's its all a marketing con to make loads of money for the card companies...good thing he's getting a hand made card! lol! He's my rock! my big Man! Happy Fathers Day Dad!



Burnice said...

very thoughtful Sue, and great looking flowers.

Lesley said...

The flowers aree lovely Sue. Just right. I found Mother's day really hard this year so know just how you all feel.
Take care
Lesley x