Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Chocolate Orange

Thank you for your kind wishes Wendy, on the Tanda Blog. We're getting through with lots of hugs at the moment.

I'm so glad that Wendy and I plan these teasers a couple weeks in advance, otherwise I would not have had the chance to take part this week.

This may look very similar to my resist card the other week, it is, I admit it, but I did use a slightly different stamp for the main element and different colours of course! I know, not very inspired, but I have to say I wasn't feeling very inspired last week knowing that fil was so poorly. The stamps were the custom stamps from Andrew and the inks were brusho inks.

I used a grey copic marker to ground the orange with a little shadow. Again, I decided the clear ep gave a juicy effect and therefore decided not to remove it.

Well it's been a really busy day, fil's funeral is on Monday, and there is so much to arrange. Yesterday I ordered the and white, fil was an ardent Birmingham City supporter. The florist's cards were not really appropriate, all floral and generally yellow so I've designed my own, one for bil, one for us and one for the grandchildren to sign......the images are Jolly nation stamped in black Impress and coloured with Copic markers. I think that they will go with the flowers really well and they are far more suited to the kind of person fil was. They would make him smile!

Well got to go and get some shut eye...lots more phone calls to make tomorrow and the vicar to see.

bye for now

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Wendy - Anntaurus said...

What a fabulous card Sue - great choice of stamp for the colour combo too!