Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Tanda Teaser and other things!

It's been a bit of an intersting few days..so totally behind but catching up now by burning the candle at both ends! I'll regret it in the morning!

Although planned a few weeks ago when I had no idea what was going to happen, this week's tanda teaser is totally apt...you will just have to read the forum to see what I mean...the theme is "Going round in Circles", I had actually prepared a different card, but then Wendy told me the theme for next weeks challenge and I decided to save it for that, and did this card to fit with the Craft Stamper Sketch Challenge instead. I've used Tanda stamps Retro men set 1, transport set 1 and the crackle stamp from background set 2....The crackle is excellent by the way...there are no obvious edges to it unlike other crackle stamps that I have, and I have a few, so it is brilliant for large backgrounds...I've used brusho inks as before and used the crackle stamp with bleach for the backgrounds.

....so what other things....well I thought, after more than 15 years of stamping, it was about time I had an antistatic pad so I made one using the birdy stamp from craft stamper...the muslin was coloured with silk paints and the stamped image was done in stazon and then outlined in gold gutta.

..and yet more things to share...the sun meant it was a good day for making bread!

...and the garden looked lovely too....

there must be something in the climate change thing....bluebells used to come out mid May!!!




Donna said...

Sue, your garden is so pretty and colorful, the bread looks yummy. I can relate to the Tanda Teaser, lately I feel like I'm going around in circles!! LOL

sue law said...

Donna, re bread, just don't tell the kids that there are dates and sultanas(like raisins)(got a really funny story about that one ..but will save it till later!) in it....otherwise they wouldn't eat it!

Lesley said...

Hi Sue,
Your garden is looking lovely and I know what you mean about the bluebells. Even though everything else has been a tad late because of all the late frost and snow the bluebells are fab at the moment.
Lesley x