Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Bad, Bad Blogger!

Over a month since my last blog posting, I haven't even posted the Tanda Teaser on this blog from last week! (It is over on the "Tanda" Blog though if you want to join in). Just don't know where the time went over Christmas. Well I do, my Dad spent Christmas in Hospital, we thought he was going to die on two occasions, so much of Christmas was spent running backwards and forwards between Epsom and Worcester. I have some amazing photos of the M25 in blizzard conditions and drivers playing snowball on the slip road of the M3 because they got stuck on the slope. A truly memorable journey and one I don't want to repeat in a hurry (40 miles in 5 1/2 hours and ended up where I started)!

Dad is now home. Everything the hospital tried to bust his clots made him bleed out from an ulcer that has been caused by a tumor the size of a golf ball. The tumor is a new complication and inoperable so we are waiting for the biopsy result and the resulting case conference to find out what if any chemo drugs might work. In the meantime, mum is doing her best to feed him up. He got very weak in hospital not helped by the fact that they were unable to cope with his food allergies. We are just hoping that we hear something soon, and that it's good news for a change!

Oops got a bit off track there....was supposed to be posting my entry into the latest "LOTV challenge" ....only a few hours to go. I spotted the challenge, a sketch, last night and thought I would have a go...cannot believe that I was in the top 3 the last time I entered...fingers crossed they like this one too.....

I used Lazy Afternoon, stamped in Distress ink and then coloured with Copics. I split the stamped image between two layers of my card to fit the sketch. As the little man was reading the paper before dozing off I used a section of yesterday's front page as my horizontal band...(this is a print of a scan as the real thing will yellow with age). All the circles were cut out using nesties. the background paper is from the Hampstead collection by Papermania.

hope to post a few more things over the next few days....make up for lost time!

Happy New Year everyone!



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Lesley said...

Hello Sue,

Oh your poor Dad, what a terrible time you are all having. I do hope and pray that all will be well. You will be in my thoughts.

Life's too short to worry about being a bad blogger so don't give it another your life is what counts and fit in blogging as and when as I have learned.

Thanks so much for keeping in touch - it has meant SO MUCH!! and I really appreciate you.

Take care and sending a big ~(((hug)))
Lesley x