Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Well it's been really cold here for the last week or so...today we had beautiful ice crystals coating everything...and just as the sun began to disperse the freezing fog that has enveloped us for the last couple of days...I saw this....had to stop the car and take a few piccys!


These photos were all taken today from Holt Fleet Bridge just a few hundred yards from my house..it was minus 5 degrees Celsius at lunch time! Very cold but also very beautiful!

Here's hoping things warm up for Thursday as I need to travel south to see my Dad, who has been in hospital since last Tuesday and is now very fed up!


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Zoechaos said...

Hope you get to your Dad OK on Thursday Sue. Pictures are stunning wouldn't they make terrific scrapbook backgrounds in Black and White. Take care and stay warm xx Zoe