Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Still no Laptop...but Loads of Snow!

Phoned Dell this morning to find out what was happening with my pressie..."Oh it will be delivered today"...this morning to be precise.....LOL! No prior call (they promise to call before delivery)...I should have been at work..was at work until the message came through that the kid's school had been closed and they were all being bused home..no the computer never came...but loads of kids did....working mums???? Hey I'm a working mum now too.....what's going on?

Bit short on the old food front...should have been shopping tomorrow..just going to have to get creative out of the freezer over the next few days!

Hope laptop arrives soon....only just shifted DD1 so I could get on this pc for a mo!

Catch you later


Zoechaos said...

Hope the children have all returned safely home and your shiny new laptop arrives soon - weather permitting

Lesley said...

Hope your laptop's arrived Sue - happy blogging!
Lesley x

sue law said...

LOL Lesley!....according to courier's tracking service...laptop is now in Hereford somewhere! :(

Donna said...

I know it's hard to wait when you want something very bad!! Hope it soon shows up!!!!