Monday, 30 March 2009

More Gorjussness!

This weekend brought some sad news. I was already planning to make a sympathy card for a friend on the Tanda forum, but I ended up having to make two cards. I decided that the "sent with love" would convey the right sort of sentiment and chose backing papers in shades of black, white and cream. With the last Gorjuss card I'd used the faber castel oil pastels with sansodour, but I wasn't totally happy with the shading so this time I used my trusty old watercolours....(I've had them since I was a little girl, when they were passed onto me by our nextdoor neighbour's children, and I just keep topping the pans up from tubes as and when I need to. The pallets have seen better days, but they still function perfectly well!

The card layout is again based on the Craft Stamper sketch challenge, just a little different, and this time I remembered to stitch round my gorjuss girl...luckily the sewing machine was already threaded up with black cotton from making a tutu for dd1! I think I quite like the sketches, and might have to keep some sort of record of them for future reference!

To answer Sue's question about Brusho Inks, they are made by a company called Colourcraft (Colours and Adhesies) Ltd...their website is They come in powder form and you can mix up as much or as little as you want...(I suggest you start saving the tiny jam jars you get in hotels to keep them in). The inks will stain if you're not careful, but they are wonderful to use...and they mix brilliantly. The green on my Apple atc was a mixture of lemon and leaf green.

Well I'd best be off now to carry on making the weekly batch of date and sultana bread!




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Lesley said...

Hi Sue,

This card you kindly sent to me as I'd just lost my Mum. It's very special - thank you.
Lesley x