Wednesday, 11 March 2009

In Print Again!

Linda Luckin emailed me the other day to ask me if I was in craft stamper this month...I had to say I didn't know because I hadn't managed to track down a seems a shame that such a good stamping magazine is not more widely distributed! I have since found a copy, and yes, my Paris ATC is in the trade it section. Shame you can't see it properly in the photo though. It is made using a stair card constrution and stamps from graphicus. The pyramid was stamped onto acetate in the back layer.

This atc also won the Graphicus December challenge...I had no idea that it had been entered into the challenge, but I was thrilled that it won!

Well I think I need a lesson on positoning pictures in the blog...I just don't seem to be able to get these photos to appear where I want them to! Will have to do a lot more blogging before I get the hang of it!!

Night all
Sue x


Max said...

Wow ... that's an amazing ATC Sue.
Just popped by to say thank you for your kind comment on my ducky card.
I often have to 'tweak' my photos until they go where I want them but tend to do all the writing first and then add the photos, dragging them to where I want them on the post and finally removing the spaces that uploading them creates. Does that make any sense?
I'm sure you'll find your own way ... it's already looking good.


AngelaC said...

Oh I saw this on the Graphicus blog - wow it's a fantastic work of art and construction! Congratulations on winning.