Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Bitter Sweet?

Good news.....I got a place on the Creative Expressions Design Team!!! Looking forward to seeing Patty at the Treasury tomorrow coz she told me to go for it! Big hugs all round!

I spent the weekend with Mum and Dad....and a memorable 5 hours (on Saturday) sat on the M25 between junction 9 and 8 trying to get to the demo day at the Craft Barn. We finally got to junction 8 at 7pm...the on board computer said our average speed was 3mph..and since the engine was switched off for most of that we could have walked there quicker! well maybe not mum....she did say that the enforced inactivity helped her feet and they didn't hurt the next morning. Needless to say we missed the demos (I was so looking forward to seeing this Andy Skinner guy). Dad was pretty distressed when we got back...we had only planned to be 3 hours max. But at least mum got a break...not the sort you would choose but still a break.

So onto the bad news..Dad was supposed to have his biopsy today in London...he's been waiting for this since the New Year...it didn't happen. The doctors thought that he would either have a cardiac arrest on the table or tonight at home and die..so they wouldn't take the risk. I'm glad they didn't because the good news is I still have my Dad!

They have agreed to try again mid September if his salt levels are OK, that way Dad will hopefully see his 50th Wedding anniversary and my Brother is flying from the States so that we can have a little celebration. I need to think of a really fabulous desert...he's not up to going out so I told mum I'd do desert. Any ideas?



Gabrielle said...

Sorry you had such bitter sweet news this week. Am thrilled to be working on the CE DT with you and the others but at the sane time I know just how much worry our parents can be!

hazel said...

Congratulations on making the CE DT - I'm looking forward to working with you and the rest of the team.
I'm sorry to hear that your dad is not well, I know the worry that you and your family must be going through.
xxx Hazel.

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Congratulations on making the DT, I look forwRd to creating along side you. Sorry to hear about your dad, hope things improve. Tracy x