Monday, 11 July 2011


Ooops! haven't posted here for ages! Sorry,I just had to prioritise the Tanda Blog when time was short.

Quick update so far...Em has had to postpone her op date...she wants to be able to swim on holiday, but apparently if she cancels the date she was given, government rules say she has to go back to the be referred back to Dudley hospital to get another ridiculous is that! She isn't an urgent case so the op date had been already deferred since the original fault of Ems that the dates now fall in the time when all families with kids are looking at going on holiday and postponement takes it outside what is permissible?!

Dad is getting weaker by the day, and mum hasn't been well they are struggling... apparently the hospital cannot get the right size needles for biopsy dad needs..this has been going on since the beginning of Jan....where are the government guidelines on this?!

Creative Expressions are looking for new design team I thought I might just have the weekend to prepare for this...then...DH has a serious nose bleed....we ended up in A&E on Friday night!!!!...Not a good time to hit A&E!...DH had to stay the night as they couldn't stem the flow...I got to bed at 2am...and obviously didn't sleep..then back up to hospital in the morning. Had to leave him there as I'd promised to do my bit for the village gala painting faces...DD2 rowing Sunday morning...loads of washing to do....where did the weekend go? Now can I get something made to fit their challenge and get it posted by 5pm?....maybe/maybe not

Today I made a card for one of our nephews and thought I would share it...just had to play around with Tim Holtz dies and fruit juice cartons! thanks to Meikoningin for the juice carton tip....for some reason I don't seem to be able to paste her link here...but if you go to the tanda steampunk teaser challenge you will find her in the comments. Her work is fab so you really should visit!

I decided to enhance the metal effect by triple embossing my juice carton embelishments, this added to the thickness, helping to enhance the effect.


Lesley said...

Oh my word Sue, you are having a tough time at the moment I'm so sorry. I shall keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

The reason for Em to have to go to the hospital again after being re-referred is to do with turn around times. Her op needs to be within govt. time lines or the dept. fails to meet its targets. It's the same with us and the smears. Results need to be with the patient within 10 days of the test or we fail quality control. We are allowed 1% leaway. Hope that answers that question for you.

Hope you made the DT deadline.

This card is gorgeous!!!


Zoechaos said...

Flippin' heck Sue just how topsy turvy can it get? We all know the waiting list figures are fixed by tricks like this but it is so stupid and a dreadful waste of NHS funds and resources. Poor Em hope she is not stressing about it.

Very sorry to hear about your Mum and Dad the worry for each about the other must make things worse for them and you must be completely frazzeled.

As for John's nose bleed that is just the icing on the cake assume he is OK now?

I think I must be the only person not trying out for Creative Expression's call! Seriously if you can find the time you should go for it as your style would work really well with their products. Good Luck XOXO Zoe