Sunday, 7 November 2010

Quick Hi!

Sorry to say there hasn't been much blogging going on here....been away..been a bit unwell and just got a new addition to the family....well those are my excuses!

So I thought I would post a few piccys....did want to post a piccy of the stash that I got at the NEC on Friday, but seem to have saved the pic somewhere other than I should have...still looking!

In the mean time I'm posting pics of Prague...a simply beautiful city and one of the new addition to our family...a baby hamster...still no name....might just end up being called pie...short for cutipie!

will try to blog soon...promise...just been a bit manic....


1 comment:

Zoechaos said...

Wonderful shots of Prauge looks magical.

Pie is a little poppet sure he is happy and comfortable in his shiny new home.

Not going to take a piccie this time have put things away but rest assured we had fun LOL xx Zoe