Saturday, 7 August 2010

Rosa Sine Spina

Sorry I've not blogged in a while...bit of a fiasco with Goldtrail, and a holiday crisis, meaning that at the last minute, our holiday fell through and we had to find another holiday for the same dates! So much of my time was spent trawling the internet looking for a new holiday and finding out how we could claim our money back for the one we were originally booked on....can you believe...we actually paid for and booked our holiday on the day before Goldtrail went belly up...we booked through and agent who then booked the flights with technically it wasn't us who placed the booking so to speak.

I've not got my computer at the moment so I'm a bit limited with what I can blog...but the Tanda Teaser has been set for the next fortnight and it can be found over on the Tanda blog...basically it's a rose theme for the next two can see my sample card over on the Tanda teaser blog.

Got to's running out!

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